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Nick Soole - Music For Media

This encompasses my work as a composer for film, TV and video games. I moved from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles in 2012 to find work. Somehow I did. This is mostly commercial work, i.e. for money, but I sure have a lot of fun doing it. Seeing as I'm virtually unemployable in any other field at this point in my life, let's hope the work keeps coming!

Video Men: Side B

Video Men: Side B is my first "album" since the end of Slimey Things. It is mixed and will be mastered soon. Some friends have promised to help me with some fun music videos to go along with it, but let's see what happens.

Some inspirations for this project are retro gaming, the tactile appeal of analog home entertainment technology and the obscure music contained within the Noise-Archive.

My formative years were in the late analog / early digital era so maybe that was also part of the motivation.

I wanted to make the kind of music I used to make on analog 4 track in my late teens. A warts-and-all kind of mix. Not "hi-fi dirty" like the big American Cadillac sound of post-grunge music like QOTSA and the like, but a sound that sacrifices clarity for energy and spontaneity but still tries to maintain some level of technique. Music where ideas are king and the realization is secondary. The music of Death Grips and Zach Hill inspired me too. Some of their mixes are near unintelligible upon first listen. Messy, energetic and baffling - never sterile. 

Also after a few years of  writing music commercially I came upon the Noise Archive (see above). Hundreds of unknown (and possibly dead or broke now) bands and artists making music for music's sake. All recorded on tape. I was astounded at how much "crazy" music is out there that will never be heard. I forgot what it was like to make music for "fun"  - music that has no other purpose but to exist.

Video Men's Side B may never be heard either but this is my tribute to those artists and perhaps to my younger self.

More coming soon....
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